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Adam Buckman is one of the nation’s premiere chroniclers of the television business – a New York-based Web editor and content creator, columnist, reporter, celebrity interviewer, media expert and event moderator.

Contact Adam Buckman: adambuckman14@gmail.com

His 30-year career as a journalist on the TV beat includes:

Six years and counting as a leading editor/content creator on the Web – Television News Daily / MediaPost.com, Comcast Corp.’s Xfinity TV Blog, TVNewsCheck.com and more.

18 years at the New York Post as TV editor and nationally known TV columnist.

More than 170 TV appearances as a media expert.

Moderating panel discussions and conducting on-stage interviews for the Center for Communication, the Paley Center for Media, the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS), HBO, Showtime, FX and more.

More than 7,000 bylined stories and columns about television, to date.

Hundreds of celebrity interviews.

Hosted his own radio show on WOR, New York.

Author of “JERK: How I Wasted My Life Watching Television,” his personal history of television — available here: http://amzn.to/1rptWUU.

For more information about Adam Buckman, please visit his Web sites, AdamBuckman.com and TVHowl.com.

Contact Adam Buckman: adambuckman14@gmail.com

Click on these links to learn more about Adam Buckman:

Celebrity Interviewer

Event Moderator

Nationally Known TV Columnist, Editor and Content Creator

More than 170 TV Appearances


Contact Adam Buckman: adambuckman14@gmail.com


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